Thursday’s Children 12/27/12


Inspired by Change

Thank you all for migrating with me to my new blogging nest. It still feels weird. I don’t know where the hell anything is, I keep reaching for a button or a widget, only to find it’s not where I thought it would be. Or it doesn’t work the same way.  Or I can’t get it to work at all. It’s frustrating and makes me feel woefully deficient in the technology department.

But change comes – even when it’s not invited.

Change challenges us. If we accept the challenge and master it, we’ll be stronger, and readier for the next thing life throws at us.

Right? Please, if you don’t agree,  just nod anyway.

One change can inspire other changes. The wheel of the year turns and the days start growing longer again. We move on from what we were, towards what we will become.

Use the momentum of time’s passage to bring you closer to wherever or whoever you want to be. Let the strengthening sun and lengthening days energize and inspire you.


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10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children 12/27/12

  1. Had to figure out that the comment button is on the top! Love the new blog and I added it to my bloglist and am following through email. 🙂 Good luck with it and hope you have an awesome holiday season!!

  2. Brave new world…

    Congrats on the new nest! I like it, it’s very simple and streamlined — very easy on the eyes. The background is very nesty as well, lol.

    *Nodding* to your thoughts on change. It can be a smack in the face, something that shakes things up and forces you to take another look at things. For a blog… what widgets do you need? Which can you do without? How do you use that damn Linky?

    Good luck (though I do miss the old blog!!!!)… and can’t wait to hear your exciting announcement!

    • Yes, that damn Linky…I may keep the old blog and use it in some other way, haven’t decided yet. Or maybe I’m just feeling nostalgic for its intuitive user-interface (I think that’s what it’s called anyway).

  3. I love the new look! I’m so resistant to change when it comes to technology (I *still* refuse to load Word 10 on my computer) so props to you for jumping right in! 🙂

    I’ll change your address on my sidebar so it comes to the new blog. And btw, love the pic you posted! 🙂

    • Thanks for updating your sidebar. And which picture? The beach one? That is the one about a mile from my house, I walk there a LOT. As for resisting technology, if I’d had ANY idea what a jerk WordPress would be about the Linky List I might have resisted longer.

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