Saying “No” to NaNo, but…

Alright, alright, I’ll confess that NaNo fever hits me too, especially when the season coincides with a WIP. I’ll also admit the NaNo hashtags, NaNo buddies, NaNo word count graphics are sparkly. Very sparkly.

But, during the writing of three and a third books, I’ve learned a few things about myself.

1. I’m more turtle than rabbit. A book takes me a solid year, give or take, start to final revision. You might catch me doing an occasional Twitter word sprint some evening, but I can’t do that for hours at a time, day after day. And while technology allows my fingers to put words down on a page pretty fast, my brain is still a turtle when it comes to generating the words.

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2. My inner editor is a tyrannical bitch. She can’t help it. Even though I know scenes, chapters, characters might not survive a final edit, I shine whatever I’ve brought to the page to a lustrous glow before moving on. Yep, I toss out some of the prettiest word-garbage in town. I should probably do NaNo just to piss off my inner-editor, but the drama…I just…no.

3. I don’t like sharing my work until it’s as good as I can make it. That doesn’t mean it’s as good as it can be – it means I’ve reached the point of turning it over to CPs and betas who will help me see what’s not working and how to fix it.

Instead of NaNo, I might try this.


It’s a little bit NaNo, a little bit Flash Fiction. Is anyone else hearing The Osmonds in their brains? Sorry. Also, a friend of mine who’s part of the REUTS team is twisting my arm… AND this might just be the best part, even if I sign up, I have options. Participate every week. Participate some weeks. Don’t participate at all. Perfect for the commitment-phobe.

Click on the badge to find out more.

Who knows? I might come away with an idea for a full-fledged book. I’m not one of those writers who has a bajillion plot bunnies stashed away in a metaphorical hutch, screaming for their turn to be transformed into a ms.

Also, November 1 marks the opening of CriTiki Lounge! I’m so excited!!!

If any of you are writers, please swing by and join the fun. There’ll be a new Fire-Eater each Friday night. His or her pitch will be showcased, along with the suggestions made by that week’s Lounge Lizard. We want audience participation. When it comes to pitch-polishing, the more the merrier. That’s what “comments” are for, right?


If you’re a writer with a pitch to polish, don’t be shy! We’ll be announcing December genres and themes VERY SOON. Also, there “might” be a Big Kahuna in the Lounge some time during the holiday season. How’s that for incentive, eh?

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