Versatile Blogger Award

Another award!


Thank you so much to Alana Terry and Kate Frost , both of whom presented me with this lovely spring-y looking badge.

According to the rules I must –

  1. Thank and link to the person who gave me the award.
  2. Tell seven facts about myself.
  3. Pass it on to seven other bloggers.
  4. Link to specific posts on their blogs to they’ll be notified by pingback.*

Honestly, I’ve gotten a few awards now, and there’s just about nothing interesting left, so here’s a list that can only be described as “random”.

1. I broke into a Welsh castle when the guard was off to lunch.

Photo by Elisabeth Whipple

Photo by Elisabeth Whipple

2. This past Thursday the appliance-repair guy recited one of his poems to me. It involved a girl with green eyes and a bikini and was actually quite adorable.

3. Some people use socks to make puppets, I used one as toilet paper. It was in Russia, there was no T.P., and I”d forgotten my packet of tissues.

4. I dislike pie crust.

5. Generally speaking, I’d rather be cold than hot.

6. I have a cure for hiccups that doesn’t involve water or holding your breath.

7. My favorite Spongebob character is Plankton.


Alright, so now I will nominate 7 people, to play only if they really want to. Otherwise, just consider it a shout-out to your awesomeness.

1. Kate Michael, because she’s a wicked fabulous friend, CP, and tweep.

2. Cassandra Griffin, who gave me an award not so long ago – right back at you, my lovely 🙂

3. Kelly Evans, because she missed Thursday’s Children last week, so now she has an “extra credit” assignment. Mwhahaha.

4. Liz Penney, ditto.

5. Louise Gornall, because anyone who has pink AND blue hair deserves some kind of award and this is all I’ve got.

6. Jessy Montgomery, as a graduation present. And because she doesn’t have enough going on. Ha.

7. EM Castellan, because if I don’t give her the award, Jessy M. will.

*Actually I’ll be notifying them by Twitter. Rules are made to be broken, right?