My “The Call” Story

When I was “pre-agented” it always gave me hope to read other writers’ “The Call” stories.

Especially if their story wasn’t along the lines of “I’m still in college, but I wrote a book in my spare time. Just for fun I sent out half a dozen queries. I was shocked when I got five requests for fulls, that quickly turned into offers…”

Yeah, that kind of story didn’t help. Trust me, mine isn’t AT ALL like that.

The Claw, er, The Call 

If you’re querying you might enjoy this post from my old blog, which compares the journey to publication with TV’s “WipeOut”

And if you’d like to trudge along the publication road with some good company, please join our weekly blog hop. We called it Thursday’s Children, because it happens on Thursdays, and we have so far to go.


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